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About Basement Designs, Inc.

During the late 1990's there were not many companies to choose from that only finished basements.  Most of the time they were builders or individual carpenters who only finished a few basements each year.  As we entered into 2000, more homeowners began to see the value in finishing the basement space below them. 

With so many constructions companies to choose from and not many specializing in the design and finishing of  basements, we decided to create Basement Designs, Inc. and our specialty was basements. 

Specializing in basements is more than just the physical construction part.  There is also the project and customer management aspects that require experience with all of the different phases of finishing a basement.

Knowing the right questions to ask and learning how lead a customer through a project makes a big difference since it can seem very overwhelming to a homeowner to have to make so many important decisions in a short time.  This is where the bigger construction firms and many of the smaller contractors simply "fall short".  

Larger companies have larger marketing budgets, which when passed down to the customer results in a more expensive project cost.   

While many companies do employ excellent tradesman, communication and customer service are just not their strong points.  This is where many of the problems between contractors and homeowners begin and sometimes end.  It is so important to us that we have a clear understanding of each customers perspective and their specific needs.

We have gained a great deal of experience in guiding our customers through the basement finishing process and will continue to earn the respect and the referrals from customers that choose to work with us on their basement project, big or small.   

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