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BDI Remodeling ( Basement Designs, Inc.) of Geneva IL has been remodeling homes & finishing residential basements in the Fox Valley area since 2001.  If you are looking to complete a remodeling project or gain more living space and have an unfinished basement or a partial basement, consider having BDI Remodeling complete your project.  We have been working with homeowners and helping families complete home remodeling projects and to make affordable new living space in their homes for enough years to know how to do it on a budget and do it right. 

How do you do it right ?  You start with a good company that has specific experience.  Many construction companies have broad experience and can begin a finished basement project, however, basement finishing requires long-term customer service and open communication.  

The Unfinished Basement

The unfinished design, found principally in spaces larger than the traditional cellar, is common in homes throughout the U.S.  In the typical unfinished basement, one would usually find within it a water heater, various pipes running along the ceiling and downwards to the floor, and sometimes a workbench, a freezer or refrigerator, or a washer/dryer set. Also found are boxes of various materials, and objects unneeded in the rest of the house, are also often stored there; in this regard, the unfinished basement then takes the place both of the cellar and of the an attic.  Home workshops are often located in the basement, since sawdust, metal chips, and other mess or noise are less of a nuisance there. The basement can contain all of these objects and still be considered to be “unfinished,” as they are either mostly or entirely functional in purpose.

The Finished Basement

In this case the space has been designed, either during construction or at a later point by the owners, to function as a fully habitable addition to the house. Frequently most or all of the basement is used as a recreation room or living room, but it is not uncommon as well to find there (either instead of or alongside the living/recreation room) a guest bedroom or teenager's room, a bathroom, a home office, a home gym, a home theater, a basement bar, a sauna, and one or more closets. Occasionally a part of the basement is unfurnished and is used for storage, a workshop, and/or a laundry room; when this is the case the water heater and furnace will also often be located there, although in some cases the entire basement is finished, and the water heater and furnace are boxed off into a closet.

Larger companies have larger marketing budgets, which when passed down to the customer often results in a more expensive project cost and less attention.

Many smaller firms and individuals simply haven't finished enough basements to stand out from the other companies and can fall short anywhere from project management through to completion.

Basement Designs Inc. takes the time to listen and meet our customers needs helping us to consistently stand out from other companies.  

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